Forex Divergence

Forex divergence

Instead, traders study a correlated asset and look for mismatches there. A typical instrument here is the dollar index (USDX), which is used to replace the indicator. It should be remembered that there may be various examples of divergence in the forex market. You must be able to recognize and differentiate between the many forms of Forex divergences on various timeframes in order to trade more accurately. The Stochastic Oscillator shows the movement of the closing price relative to its high-low range, over a set period.

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Gathering Storm.

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A Divergence occurs when a currency pair price moves in the opposite direction of the current market trend. It may be helpful to draw a straight line on your chart connecting the peaks to see if a significant slope appears. You may also check for hidden divergence if you notice a higher low or lower high in the price chart. There are two types of divergence, negative and positive.

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The stochastic oscillator is a very useful tool for technical analysis. A detailed guide to stochastic trading is Forex divergence in the article devoted to the Stochastic Oscillator. The above chart displays the correct analysis of divergence.

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It contains two lines and a histogram, all centered around zero. When looking for divergences, focus on the peaks of the histogram, as it averages the multiple averages plotted by the two lines. A bearish divergence may be a signal to close your position before it falls back on itself, or at least set a stop loss to protect your gains.

A security (stock or currency) which is in strong uptrend will rarely fall below 40 and
usually moves between 40 and 80 levels. In such a case, when the RSI approaches 40, a trader can use this opportunity to buy, and when it comes close to 80, it can be a squareoff signal. Therefore, traders should not go short on a counter that is in a strong uptrend. Similarly, if the security is in a strong downtrend, its RSI usually moves between 60 and 20; and if it comes close to 60, it can be used for selling short.

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The daily EUR/USD chart below gives a clear example of hidden divergence and the trend reversal that follows. We can see that when stochastic was nearing overbought levels and had established divergence with the price which made lower highs, the pair fell immediately and began a downtrend. This sort of chart pattern means that when the stochastic was overbought the second time, EUR/USD buyers couldn’t push any higher.

What are the three types of divergence in forex?

Divergence in forex summary

There can be three types of divergence, i.e., regular, extended, and hidden. You can use MACD, CCI, Stochastic, or any other oscillator to find the divergence. You should use any confirmatory signal to add further probability of success to your trading.

The 4450 level became a key support level after the breakout, and traders could have used the breakout below it as an entry signal. Together with the bearish divergence, it would have been a powerful combination, and as we can see, the US500 fell more than 100 points after the breakout. The first example is regular bearish divergence in the US500. The index was moving higher in early August, but the price and the RSI indicator started to diverge after the breakout above the 4450 resistance level.

What is convergence vs divergence in forex?

Divergence occurs when the price of an asset and an indicator move away from each other. Convergence happens when the price of an asset and an indicator move toward each other.